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Now Live! Open a Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong Money Market Account to grow your money and benefit Key Bridge recovery efforts. Available to retail and commercial customers. Learn more here.

Our Money Market and Savings accounts can help you plan ahead with confidence and make your money work for you to achieve your goals. Check out our current rates on our Deposit Rates page.

Money Market Accounts

Offering highly competitive interest rates without the high risk, our High Yield Money Market accounts help your savings grow.

Savings Accounts

Our standard savings and YouthSaver accounts for those under 18 years of age offer a stable but competitive rate of return.

Certificate of Deposit accounts

Our CDs feature competitive tiered rates for terms. Interest can be added to the account to compound for a higher yield and then withdrawn when needed, or an interest check can be mailed monthly or interest can be transferred to another account.

We offer a variety of checking accounts – each with unique benefits – to provide you with a personalized solution to make managing your money easy. All personal checking accounts include online banking with bill pay and access to CFG ATMs and 55,000+ global Allpoint™ network ATMs using your VISA® Debit card or ATM card.


Mobile Money

Manage accounts using your mobile phone. With our mobile deposit feature, you can reduce or eliminate extra trips to the bank to make deposits, saving you valuable time. Download the Mobile Money App on the Apple App Store or Google Play and get started today to bank when you want, where you want. 


  • Easy and convenient 24/7 access
  • Check balances
  • Transfer money, pay bills, set up account alerts
  • Convenience of depositing checks via our mobile app
  • Same day credit on deposits made prior to 4 p.m. EST
  • Flexibility in processing deposits around the clock, 7 days a week
  • Multi-factor authentication, encryption and multiple security levels for the security of your deposits

Online Bill Pay

Pay bills quickly and easily with electronic bill payment. It’s a convenient way to avoid late or missed payments, while saving money on postage. Online Bill Pay allows users to schedule one time or recurring payments and receive and pay e-bills.


  • Fully integrated with online banking – only one user ID and password
  • Ability to schedule one-time or recurring payments
  • Receive and pay e-bills

Online Banking

Access accounts quickly, easily and securely with free online and mobile banking services.


  • Track and manage accounts
  • Pay bills online
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View and print your free electronic statements
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Easy and convenient 24/7 access
  • Check your balances
  • Deposit checks
  • Set up account alerts
  • Learn more by visiting Educational Resources

Basic Checking, Interest Checking & Student Checking

CFG Bank offers Basic Checking, Interest Checking, & Student Checking.

Banking Services

CFG Bank offers 24/7 access so a CFG Bank Branch is always close by – on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Have a question?

What is the minimum balance that I can have in a Money Market account?

You must maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in the account daily to avoid a $10 service fee.

If the Money Market rate changes, will the rate change on my account too?

Yes. The rates for the High Yield Money Market are variable and subject to change.

Why is my initial deposit not showing as available in my Money Market account?

If you have opened your account with $25,000 or more, we place a ten business day hold on the funds. You are earning interest during this time. The funds will be available to you after these business days have passed.

When are my Money Market account funds available?

For the first 30 days after initial funding, all deposits are placed on hold and unavailable for withdrawal.

How can I make additional deposits to my Money Market account?

You can make additional deposits to your account by ACH transfer, mobile deposit, or by visiting or mailing a deposit to one of our Maryland area branches.

How do I set up external transfers to deposit or withdraw from my Money Market account?

You can enroll in our online banking service and visit the transfer tab. You will see a ‘launch external transfer’ link where you will be able to link up to four accounts to do transfers.

Why do I have to input my username and password from my other institution in order to set up an external transfer?

This is a feature your institution requires for security purposes because you are granting permission to a third party to access your account.

What are the external transfer limits?

Once funding occurs, the daily external outbound transfer limit for the CFG High Yield Money Market Account is $5,000. The daily inbound transfer limit is $25,000. Your total external transfers both inbound and outbound may not exceed $30,000 in a 30-day rolling period. If you have a transaction scheduled, you will not be able to schedule a subsequent transaction until your scheduled transaction has fully processed through your account. If you are initiating the transfer from another institution, you will be subject to their transfer limits.

How do I increase my external transfer limit?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during our weekday business hours. We will record verification of your identity and request prior to inputting the increase. Your increase will last for five business days.

Do you offer checks with the Money Market accounts?

No, we do not allow check writing or ATM cards with this account.

How do I wire funds from my account?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during our weekday business hours. We will record verification of your identity and request prior to providing you with the wire transfer paperwork. A wire can be sent for you on the same business day if we receive the paperwork back from you by 3PM EST. A fee is charged for this service.

How do I add a beneficiary to my account?

You will need to call 888-205-8388 or email your request to  When you are sending beneficiary information, please send it via secure email

How do I add a joint owner to my account?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during our weekday business hours. We will verify your identity and your request prior to asking you the information needed to add the joint owner. We will also request additional information to be sent to us by secure email.

When can I close my account?

You will not be able to close your account for the first ten business days of the account being opened.

Is there a penalty for closing the account?

If you are closing a CFG High Yield Money Market account, there are no penalties. Certificates of deposit do have penalties associated with an early closeout. Please refer to your account agreement for specific penalty information.

How do I close my account?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during weekday business hours in order to begin the account closing process. We will verify your identity and your request prior to sending you the necessary paperwork.

How do I order checks?

Ordering checks is easy and secure – as easy and secure as ordering them in person or over the phone! You can order them from Harland Clarke, our preferred provider, here: Their site is TruSecure certified so your transactions and account information are always secure and completely confidential.

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