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In light of recent banking industry news, please find a letter from our President and CEO Bill Wiedel here.

Bank Information

Are you FDIC insured

Yes, we are FDIC insured. You can locate us on on the tab “Bank Find”. This site will help you identify us.

What is your routing number?

Our routing number is 052073519.

Where are you located?

For office and branch addresses and hours of operation please visit our locations page.

Where can I view your fee schedule?

Our business fee schedule can be found here. Our consumer fee schedule can be found here. You can request a copy of our fee schedule by emailing

Applying For An Account

**Online account openings have resumed. Please note, you may experience a delay in the processing of your account application, but we will work to process your application as quickly as possible. Rates are subject to change.

Where do I go to open an account online?

You may open a new account by clicking ‘Apply for a New Account’ located at the top of our webpage. If you are an existing customer, you can also login to your online banking and click ‘open a new account’.

Where can I view your rates online?

You can view our current rates at any time by visiting our Commercial Deposit Rates page or Personal Deposit Rates page.

Can I open a trust account, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or business account online?

No, we do not currently offer these types of accounts via our online application process. To open these accounts, you must visit one of our Maryland area branches.

Can I open a checking account online?

No, we do not currently offer an online checking account. To open a checking account, you must visit one of our Maryland area branches.

How can I return to a saved application?

In order to return to a saved application, you will first need to click ‘Apply for a New Account’. There will then be a link to return to your saved application. Please note that we are not able to reset your password to return to the application. If you do not have your login information, you will need to begin the application again.

If the application has timed out, can I retrieve the application?

No, the application cannot be retrieved once it has timed out. This is a security feature to protect your personal information.

How can I check the status of my application?

Please call 888-205-8388 or email in order to check the status of your application.

When will I receive my account number?

A welcome packet will be sent to you by encrypted email once the initial deposit has been made to your account.

How long will it take to fund my new account?

Once we have processed your application, a series of test transactions will be performed at your other institution. You will be sent an email with information on how to verify those test transactions. The tests must be verified through that email within ten calendar days of the application being processed. Once you have verified the test deposit amounts, the funds will reach your new CFG account within 1-3 business days.

Can I fund my account by check or by wire?

Yes, but you will still be required to enter ACH funding information within the application. If you would like to fund by check or wire, you will need to email us at after you have completed the application to let us know you would like to fund the account by one of these alternate methods.

Money Market Account Information

What is the minimum balance that I can have in the account?

You must maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in the account daily to avoid a $10 service fee.

If the rate changes, will the rate change on my account too?

Yes. The rates for the High Yield Money Market are variable and subject to change.

Why is my initial deposit not showing as available in my account?

If you have opened your account with $25,000 or more, we place a ten business day hold on the funds. You are earning interest during this time. The funds will be available to you after these business days have passed.

When will my Money Market account funds be available?

For the first 30 days after initial funding, all deposits are placed on hold and unavailable for withdrawal.

How can I make additional deposits to my account?

You can make additional deposits to your account by ACH transfer, mobile deposit, or by visiting or mailing a deposit to one of our Maryland area branches.

How do I set up external transfers to deposit or withdraw from my account?

You can enroll in our online banking service and visit the transfer tab. You will see a ‘launch external transfer’ link where you will be able to link up to four accounts to do transfers.

Why do I have to input my username and password from my other institution in order to set up an external transfer?

This is a feature your institution requires for security purposes because you are granting permission to a third party to access your account.

What are the external transfer limits?

Once funding occurs, the daily external outbound transfer limit for the CFG High Yield Money Market Account is $5,000. The daily inbound transfer limit is $25,000. Your total external transfers both inbound and outbound may not exceed $30,000 in a 30-day rolling period. If you have a transaction scheduled, you will not be able to schedule a subsequent transaction until your scheduled transaction has fully processed through your account. If you are initiating the transfer from another institution, you will be subject to their transfer limits.

How do I increase my external transfer limit?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during our weekday business hours. We will record verification of your identity and request prior to inputting the increase. Your increase will last for five business days.

Do you offer checks with the money market?

No, we do not allow check writing or ATM cards with this account.

How do I wire funds from my account?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during our weekday business hours. We will record verification of your identity and request prior to providing you with the wire transfer paperwork. A wire can be sent for you on the same business day if we receive the paperwork back from you by 3PM EST. A fee is charged for this service.

Account Maintenance/Closing

How do I add a beneficiary to my account?

You will need to call 888-205-8388 or email your request to  When you are sending beneficiary information, please send it via secure email

How do I add a joint owner to my account?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during our weekday business hours. We will verify your identity and your request prior to asking you the information needed to add the joint owner. We will also request additional information to be sent to us by secure email.

When can I close my account?

You will not be able to close your account for the first ten business days of the account being opened.

Is there a penalty for closing the account?

If you are closing a CFG High Yield Money Market account, there are no penalties. Certificates of deposit do have penalties associated with an early closeout. Please refer to your account agreement for specific penalty information.

How do I close my account?

Please call us at 888-205-8388 during weekday business hours in order to begin the account closing process. We will verify your identity and your request prior to sending you the necessary paperwork.

Online & Mobile Banking

I set up a username and password when I was filling out the application. Why can’t I log in to online banking?

The login you created during the application process is for the application only. Once you have funded your new account, you will receive the information you need in order to enroll in online banking.

I know my username and password. Why can’t I login?

We require our customers to periodically change their password for security purposes. If you are not automatically prompted to change your password, please choose the ‘Forgot Password’ tool in order to manually change your password. This will allow you access again to both online and mobile banking. Please note if you have tried to log in more than three times, your account will be locked out until you reach out to us. You can call us at 888-205-8388 or email us at in order to request that your account be unlocked.

How do I enroll in eStatements?

Once you have logged in to your online banking, you can visit your Profile in the top left corner of the screen to enroll in eStatements. Please note, you will not be able to enroll in eStatements until your account has been open for 30 days.

When I try to launch my external transfer ability, nothing happens. Why?

When accessing our website, it is best to use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser. Other web browsers may not allow you access to all our website functions.

What are my mobile deposit limits?

Mobile deposits are limited to $5,000 per item and a daily total of $10,000 overall.

How can I access my 2022 tax forms?

For your interest-bearing CFG Bank accounts, your 1099-INT form(s) are available in our online banking system. To access, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your online banking account
  2. From the home dashboard, select your account, then select the ‘Documents’ tab
  3. Using the dropdown next to ‘Document Type,’ select ‘IRS Form 1099-INT’ and press the submit button

You can download and print from this screen. We also mailed out a copy of the form to your address on file.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call 888-205-8388.

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