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Press Release

Capital Funding Group Launched COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Program – Gifts $1,000 to Employees to Show Proof of Vaccination

Baltimore-based Capital Funding Group (CFG) and CFG Bank (CFGB) today announced the launch of an initiative where employees who show proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be gifted $1,000.

BALTIMORE – August 30, 2021 – Baltimore-based Capital Funding Group (CFG) and CFG Bank (CFGB) today announced the launch of an initiative where employees who show proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be gifted $1,000. This initiative was created in effort to support the continued fight against COVID-19, encouraging all employees to get both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination or the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

Working directly with the healthcare industry, CFG has seen the impact of COVID-19 and the benefits of being vaccinated, firsthand. With the increase in COVID-19 cases as a result of the delta variant, it is more imperative than ever to raise awareness about the importance of being vaccinated and to encourage as many people as possible to take action.

“We care about the health and wellness of our employees and community and created this program to do our part in helping protect people from COVID-19. We make things personal and are driven by our pursuit to create a positive impact on our employees, customers and the communities we serve and feel that providing this incentive will help contribute to the overall health and well-being of our community” said Bill Wiedel, CFG Bank president and CEO. “We see this as a win-win for our team, as our team members protect themselves against the virus and enjoy a little extra money in their pockets.”

This initiative reinforces the company’s commitment to supporting its employees and community – working together to make change happen for the better. This effort follows several other initiatives created by CFG and CFG Bank in response to COVID-19, including the Meals for Healthcare Heroes program, which provided free meals to frontline healthcare workers. As a result, this program helped three Maryland restaurants rehire employees who suffered furlough due to COVID-19.

CFG also launched a unique program surrounding the late 2020 Presidential Memorandum regarding the deferral of the Social Security payroll tax for employees, where Jack Dwyer personally paid all employee deferred taxes. Jack turned this tax deferment into a tax forgiveness to help support local businesses. The program was designed to help trigger an economic revitalization in local economies during the COVID-19 pandemic for the remaining months of 2020. Participating employees were required to take this opportunity to support their local businesses, including restaurants, salons, tutoring centers, flights out of BWI, and gyms, among others. In late 2020, Dwyer also gifted all employees $200 to be spent at local businesses to support the Baltimore economy.

There is no required direction for the use of the $1,000 proof of vaccination gift, however, CFG always encourages employees to actively support local businesses and the economy. CFG and CFG Bank encourage other businesses to do what they can to support their communities, especially in these trying times.

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CFG Bank, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, provides flexible financing and online banking solutions to the national healthcare and multifamily markets and the Mid-Atlantic region. CFG Bank is the 6th largest bank in the Baltimore area based on deposits and the largest that is based in Baltimore. CFG Bank has grown from $1 billion in assets at the end of 2019 to over $5 billion in assets at the end of 2023 and is among the five largest and most experienced healthcare bridge-to-HUD lenders in the country, serving its clients and helping them grow for over 30 years. CFG Bank transforms the banking experience by delivering big bank capabilities and expertise, coupled with relationship-driven boutique bank service. CFG Bank has branches in Lutherville and Baltimore City, and a cashless branch in Annapolis. For more information, visit, and follow CFG Bank on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and X.

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Capital Funding Group is a full-service provider of comprehensive financing solutions for the national healthcare industry, focusing on the long-term care, assisted living and hospital sectors, and multifamily industry. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, CFG is known as a one-stop shop, with expertise in HUD loans, bridge lending, mezzanine financing, working capital loans and commercial banking services through the CFG family of companies.

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